Harness Fitting

Compiled by Fd

Removing the passenger seat helps get the passenger side speaker pod out.
Without removing the seat it may be very difficult to get the pod out or fit the bar.
The rear/left bolt on the passenger seat is very difficult to gain access to without some improvised tools.
I used a 6mm Ball end hex key with one end sawn off, driven with a 6mm socket.
The lower harness points fit on the original seatbelt fitting points, there is no need to remove the seats to do this.
Removing, or lifting, the centre handbrake cover gives access to the drivers seatbelt mounting point.
This bar uses the harness bar fitting points, not the seatbelt points.
It would be possible to leave the seatbelts in place but I plan to use the harness all the time so I removed them.
The seatbelt warning light connectors should be left open circuit to make the light stay off.
However CHECK before you re-assemble everything as some people have reported opposite lamp behaviour.
The bar and harness came from Geary Powell at EliseParts.

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