Cleaning The Soft Top, Cleaning The Bodywork, Cleaning The Aluminium


Compiled by Dot

Cleaning The Soft Top


Autoglym soft top cleaner.

For stain removal, Mark Underwood (of Wax Wizard fame - is reported to be very useful, with all advice being freely given.

Cleaning The Bodywork


Autoglym again!

The Super Resin Polish is especially good for removing small surface scratches, and there's a paint renovator for more serious scratches. gives all the info you could possibly want on cleaning your car!

Cleaning The Aluminium


Dave G
Shoreham-by-Sea UK
Posted 26 September 2000 at 12:45:32 UK time


I sometimes have to resort to using Swarfega to remove tar and oil left on the aluminium interior by shoes. This is especially a problem on the grooved bits in front of the seats.

(1) Borrow your partner's tooth brush
(2) Take one of those small sponge/scourers from the kitchen.
(3) Apply some Swarfega to the toothbrush and wipe in the grooves, and on any
oily bits of the aluminum interior. Do NOT moisten the toothbrush.
(4) Leave for 5 minutes.
(5) Wash the swarfega away with the sponge and soapy water.
(6) Clean and return the toothbrush.

Finally, you can have a quiet chuckle when your partner asks whether you've changed your choice of toothpaste recently. Especially amusing if they prefer the new taste!

Posted 26 September 2000 at 13:44:14 UK time


To clean your ridged aluminium step plates; use Baby Wipes !!

1. Place Baby Wipe on step plate
2. Place stiff bristle brush over Baby Wipe (important note - from experience - a toothbrush tends to be too small, a yard brush too big, a shoe brush too black, a bog brush... no we won't go into that one...)
3. Brush (brush) with a brushing motion
4. Remove brush
5. Remove (filthy) Baby Wipe

Well done, sir. Shiny clean step plates.

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